Canikur® Pro

Canikur® Pro is a tasty choice specially formulated for dogs containing a probiotic, special clay, and the unique ingredient BioMos®-C to support their gut function.

Reasons to support a healthy gut

  • Dietary indiscretions (eating things they shouldn’t) – scavenging is common in some breeds e.g. hunting dogs such as Labradors or Terriers
  • Stress due to a change in circumstances (Dogs in kennelling; Newly homed puppies; Surgery; Travel)

How can Canikur®Pro help?

Canikur® Pro contains three ingredients that work together to support your dog’s gut function:

Probiotic – Replenishes the good bacteria in the gut1


Montmorillonite – A special adsorbent clay2,3


BioMos®- C

BioMos®-C helps the good bacteria in the gut grow and flourish. Unique to Canikur® Pro, dual action BioMos®-C helps boost the chances of maintaining a healthy gut environment4. It acts as food for friendly bacteria encouraging them to grow and multiply and blocks bad bacteria from attaching to the gut wall surface5.

Prevent binding to the gut wall

Canikur® Pro can be given alongside any prescription medicines that your vet may recommend.

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Dogs love Canikur® Pro

Most dogs love the tasty meat flavour and will eat the paste straight from the syringe. A few dogs may not eat Canikur® Pro spontaneously, so try mixing it with their normal food.1

1. Internal report 2009. Comparative study of the palatability, attractiveness and ease of use of Canikur® Pro and 2 competitor products

How do I give Canikur® Pro to my dog?

Canikur® Pro comes in an easy to use syringe. The amount of Canikur® Pro that you give will depend on your dog’s weight and the advice of your vet. Simply move the dial along the syringe to the marker, (as recommended by your vet) and depress the plunger to dispense the paste.

Please take care to move the dial so it sits TO THE RIGHT of the number that is correct for your dog (see pictures below which show how to give 10ml).

Correct and incorrect dosages

How much Canikur® Pro do I give?

The amount of Canikur® Pro that you give will depend on your dog’s weight. Your vet will advise you on this.

Where can I buy Canikur® Pro?

Canikur® Pro is available from your vet practice. Your vet or veterinary nurse will be happy to explain any further questions you may have about Canikur® Pro.